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Web design encompasses a number of different fields and skills in the construction and management of websites. The main areas of web development include graphic design; website authoring; website interactive design; interactive website development; and user experience development. Each of these has its own specific area of responsibilities.

Graphic design is an area of the field that mainly deals with layout, image selection, colour scheme, and the site’s navigation and appearance. It uses a range of Adobe technologies including Flash and HTML. Many web designers choose to use a combination of various technologies, or just use HTML for the site’s content. Graphic design is particularly important to the layout of content pages, which often contain animated elements such as graphics and animation.

User experience design is all about the website’s user interface (UI). A lot of websites have poor user interfaces, especially since users can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information they’re required to read and so will often give up after a few minutes. In a website’s UI, users have control over how the website looks. User experience designers are responsible for deciding how to present content, menus, buttons and other elements so that users can navigate their way around the site without being frustrated with its design. This is very important to websites that require complex information for a wide variety of people.

Search engine optimization (SEO) deals with how well a site ranks in search engines. SEO also includes the techniques used to get a site listed in the search engines. A site that has good SEO may attract more visitors and create a higher quality of traffic than a site that doesn’t have any SEO.

interactive Web design is all about the design and implementation of interactive features on a website. Web users will often want to interact with a website, and so will need to be able to navigate it. Web interactive designers can implement a number of different techniques to allow users to do this, from buttons, graphics, or images to software programs or applications that are integrated into a website.

Search engine rankings are determined by the volume of visitors to a website, and a website’s search engine ranking depends largely on how well these visitors find the website. The way in which the page of a website looks and is structured is considered when search engines to assess the quality of a site’s content.

Search engine optimization is the process of getting your site ranked high in search engines and bringing it up in the first page of results when users type a specific keyword in Google, Yahoo, or Bing. SEO involves making sure the site contains relevant content and is user friendly. It also involves putting the site’s content in a keyword rich format, which search engines look for and index. When these factors are done right, a site will appear higher in search results.

Web usability testing is all about the usability of a website. This is why web developers are always checking usability of the website to ensure it is easy for users to navigate, is easy to understand, and includes all the relevant information. If the website is too complicated to navigate, or is poorly designed, it will not be easy to use and will not attract visitors.

Web page design and development usually involve a lot of trial and error. If your site isn’t properly optimised or is too complicated, people won’t feel confident about navigating it and won’t spend time on it.

The importance of an effective marketing strategy cannot be over emphasised in the process of developing a website. When you choose a company who will handle your web design and development, you know they will be working hard to market your site, and promote it effectively. They will work to market your website so that it becomes highly visible to the search engines. This is essential, because if it isn’t seen and accessed quickly, people won’t see it.

Search engines use their algorithms to decide how popular a website is. The higher the visibility, the more likely people will find it. and will visit it.