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A chat bot is a program software program used to run an online chat conversation through text or voice-to-voice, rather than delivering direct physical contact with another human being. This technology has caught on with many users who enjoy the benefits of chat rooms without the annoyance of having to talk to real people. The chat bots provide an avenue for users to interact without actually meeting them. This eliminates some of the risks associated with Internet chat rooms and allows people to go a step further into the chat experience.

The chatbot technology first became popular on chat forums. Many people interested in the subject matter enjoyed the ability to communicate with other posters without having to actually utter their first or last name. Some companies realized that this could be a lucrative market, and began to create their own chat bots. These chat robots were programmed to specific types of conversations and allowed people interested in the topic to engage in conversation with one another.

There are currently several different types of chat bots available to chat room surfers. The most popular types are the ones that automate much of the process involved in chat bot interaction. The newer chat bots can be programmed to perform a number of tasks that can include:

AI Bots or artificial intelligent systems are programmed to perform a variety of tasks. In the case of the chat bot, this means it can respond to messages and take actions that are in line with the pre-programmed instructions given by the owner of the chat bot. Most artificially intelligent chat bots will allow the user to customize settings, which allows users to change the way the bot responds to different situations. Some types of these systems can also carry out complex pattern recognition and can anticipate the actions of the user based on past conversations.

Weather Bots are a type of chat bot used in the chat rooms of websites. These chat bots send out weather reports based on the conditions set within the website. In addition to the weather report, these websites can also send out a pop up window with the latest forecast for the given area. These website owners can tailor the settings of their chat bot so that it only delivers relevant information based on the user’s area of focus.

Internet Bots are basically website automated software programs that allow internet surfers to chat on certain websites. These programs allow website owners to control which chat programs can be delivered to the website visitors. These programs are used to encourage website traffic, as well as attract new users to the website. The types of internet bots commonly available include: Auto Chat, Ad Autopilot Bot, Backoffice Bot, Botacular, chat moderation bot, flash chat bot, Java Auto Chat Bot, Koala chat bot, PayPal chat bot, and Webroot chat bot.

Messenger Bots are software programs that allow users of a chat service or forum to chat without having to use a real profile. These types of artificial intelligence programs allow users to chat in a group, without having to create a profile. Messenger Bots are often used in Internet Marketing applications. Examples of places where messenger bots can be useful are online sales or community forums.

Chat Bots are currently being used in many different types of chat room applications, including but not limited to, chat rooms, forums, and community and chat rooms. As new and more intelligent chat bot technologies are developed, it is likely that chat bot applications will become more widespread. Chat bots will no doubt make our lives easier, especially if chat bot technology is made open source and can be programmed by anyone.