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In this article we are going to be looking at 3 web design tips that should help improve your website’s performance and user experience. Many factors can cause a high bounce rate including outdated designs, confusing navigation schemes, or just extremely slow load times. The first thing we’re going to talk about is identifying the problem areas of your website and then developing a plan to improve them. There are several things you should be looking at when it comes to improving your site performance, including:

One of the most important web design tips is to make sure that your navigation links are clickable. This is especially true if you have a lot of videos or other elements on your site that are not clickable. You want visitors to have as little trouble navigating your site as possible, and you should always make sure that they can easily click on a link in order to leave. This will solve a lot of problems and more importantly, will solve your bounce rate!

Another of the important web design tips is to properly place your logo and footer. If you have a navigation bar at the top of the page that takes users to multiple pages, you should position the footer close to the entrance of the bar. This will make it easier for people to find their footer, login, or leave your contact form easily.

Loading a page quickly is one of the most important web design tips. You should aim to load the first bit of content as quickly as possible and then take a long time to load anything else. This will reduce the amount of time that visitors spend waiting on your page and will drastically increase their conversion rates. As a rule, you should aim to load all of the content on your page within 100ms of the bottom of the page. Anything longer could annoy your visitors and reduce their time spent on your site.

Another of the important web design tips is to make sure that you have an opt-in system. This means that visitors who arrive at your site without being invited are automatically assumed to be new visitors. This can dramatically increase the chances of converting these visitors into subscribers, followers, or sales. The opt-in system will allow you to collect subscribers, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and then target these subscribers with your email messages and other promotional material. This will also significantly reduce the chances that your website traffic will experience a substantial bounce rate!

Another of the important web design tips is to keep your website content simple and straightforward. Visitors to your site will not have too much trouble following short, informative articles. If your website content is not immediately clear to your site visitors, they will simply move on to the next site where they can find a more easily understandable and more informational article. Simple web design tips like this one can go a long way towards ensuring that your site visitors stay well-informed. It also allows your site visitors to enjoy the content you provide.

Finally, another of the most important web design tips is to carefully select which pages visitors will see. In fact, it is even more important than the colors and backgrounds on your web pages. Keep in mind that different web browsers have different expectations for how websites should look and what types of content can be presented to these visitors. For example, some web browsers expect the background of a web page to be a solid color. If the background of a web page changes from one color to another, your website traffic might experience a significant decrease.

In general, the faster your load time, the lower the bounce rate. You should also consider the average number of web pages, your visitor opens when they arrive at your site. In general, it is best to choose two to three times as many pages as your visitors open when they arrive at your site. This will ensure that your visitors will spend at least five seconds on each page, on average, in order to fully understand everything that is on your site. Following these simple, yet effective web design tips will ensure that you will improve the quality and the amount of traffic visiting your website.