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Web Design & Development Company

The term web design & development company is very often used to describe the work of website designers and developers. But these two are not the same. Web design refers to the visual aspect of a web page. Development deals with the functional aspects. And, there are many similarities between web design & development company and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

First, both web design & development company and SEO firm focus on providing custom websites for their clients. In case of websites, different clientele are opting for different features. In web designing company, they will concentrate on providing an attractive website to their clients. Some SEO firms may focus on providing Meta tags, optimizing images & video etc. However, there are many companies which focus on providing customized web solutions.

Moreover, both web design & development company and SEO firm are also very much aware of the latest trends in the Internet Marketing sector. For example, social networking sites are in great demand at present. Every business organization is looking for a way through which they can connect to their potential customers. One such way is by making use of social networking. Thus, both web design & development company and SEO firm have to be up-to-date about the latest technologies being used by businesses organizations so that they can provide their clients with effective websites.

There is yet another similarity between web designing company and SEO firm. Both SEO firms and website designing companies concentrate on increasing website traffic. But the real difference lies in their approach towards increasing website traffic. Whereas, web designing company tends to optimize websites for search engines. Thus, SEO firm focuses on incorporating keywords in the website designing as well as the development.

In a nutshell, both web design & development company and a good SEO firm work together for the same purpose. First of all, the web design company designs a website for a company or a private client. It then makes a mobile app for the company’s products or services. It is then up to the web development firm to convert the app into an easy-to-use, highly functional, and attractive mobile app.

So, we know that both web design & development company and an SEO company are working together to make a site more navigable and user-friendly. We also know that both are responsible for bringing increased traffic into the website. So, which one should you hire for your site/app? The answer is a big ‘YES’. Here are some of the prominent companies that you can choose from:

This one’s quite obvious – If you want to get more exposure, SEO experts are a must for your business website. In fact, many of the leading online giants today have hired SEO experts from web design companies like Infotech Pvt Ltd. and others. You can check their portfolios on their websites and see if they have the skills, knowledge, and expertise required for making your website more attractive and successful. So, when you look for web development services for your site, go for web design companies like Infotech Pvt Ltd., ASAP Web Design Pvt Ltd, and Cogentrix.

If you’re looking for a reliable digital marketing agency, the two names mentioned above should come to mind. Digital marketing agency can help in your SEO efforts as they provide you with expert advice and continuous monitoring services. With them at your side, you can focus on other aspects such as designing a site, developing mobile apps for iOS and Android, launching a web portal, getting it ranked well in the major search engines, and monetizing your website. A good digital marketing agency can also help you get into the mind market of your target audience and know what their problems and pains are so that you can solve them using your website.

Last but not the least – Once you’ve hired a web development company, don’t forget to hire an SEO expert as well. It’s always a great idea to have both of them working for your website. The SEO expert can optimize your website, making it more search engine-friendly so that your site will be easy to find by potential customers. Meanwhile, your web designer is busy doing all the other elements required to make your website attractive and appealing. Hiring a web design & development company will help you take advantage of this benefit.