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Why I Dream Clean Is The Best Turnover Airbnb Cleaner

I Dream Clean started in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Founder Yamaris and her husband John were living in Orlando when the hurricane hit and became inseparable. Having lived so close to the Disney World theme parks, they needed a reliable cleaning service. As a result, they talked to other rental entrepreneurs and started a company that offered quality cleaning services.

I Dream Clean

Whether you’re looking for the best Airbnb Turnover cleaner, or you just want to make your rental look its best, I Dream Clean can help. They offer affordable rates and guarantee 100% satisfaction. In addition, you won’t have to manually schedule Airbnb cleanings yourself. I Dream Clean’s team will take care of everything, including leaving your rental in as clean a condition as possible so that guests can enjoy it.

I Dream Clean’s professionals are skilled in the cleaning industry and follow all Airbnb standards. They also offer a software system that helps you schedule cleaning tasks. And because they’re a well-known name in the Airbnb community, you can feel safe with their quality service.

The idea for I Dream Clean was born out of a personal experience. Yamaris had recently moved to Florida from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. She met her husband, John, while settling in an area near Disney World. As owners of rental properties, they noticed a huge demand for quality airbnb cleaning services. However, they were having a hard time finding a reliable cleaner. Then, they began talking to other rental entrepreneurs, and learned that many of them were experiencing the same struggles they had.


I Dream Clean is a new startup with a mission to make turnover cleaning as easy as possible for Airbnb hosts. It was started by John and Yamaris, a couple from Puerto Rico. They met while living in Orlando after Hurricane Maria, and soon became friends. They also noticed a huge need for quality cleaning services for Orlando rental properties. After talking with other rental entrepreneurs, they came up with an idea to improve the Airbnb cleaning experience for owners.

Airbnb hosts are likely to have a cleaning fee included in the price of their listings, but it is helpful to understand that there are other factors that affect the cost. The type of service you need will have a direct impact on the price. A specialized service can be more expensive than a general house cleaning, so it’s crucial to know the costs ahead of time.

A professional turnover Airbnb cleaner will adhere to strict standards for the cleanliness of their properties. They also follow strict health guidelines to ensure that the properties are sanitary. Using a professional service can save you time, energy, and money by eliminating the guesswork associated with cleaning rental properties.

Finding the best Airbnb cleaner can be difficult. You want someone who is able to provide quality work while meeting your timeline and budget. A reliable turnover Airbnb cleaner will have excellent communication skills and meet your turnaround requirements.


Several factors determine the best Airbnb cleaner for a home or vacation rental. Breezeway offers automated task scheduling, customizable checklists, and staff coordination. It can also integrate with a dedicated host platform. However, it is not the best solution for every home or rental.

A cleaning automation platform should be able to handle many tasks with minimal effort. It should not only automate the cleaning process but should also ensure your vacation rental property remains safe and accessible. Manually coordinating turnarounds can be stressful and lead to burnout. With the help of an automated cleaning platform, you can focus on making your life easier while maximizing the overall guest experience. Quick turnarounds are key to creating a good first impression and great guest experience.

I Dream Clean’s cleaning professionals are skilled in their trade and have the experience to complete jobs efficiently. They are trained to meet the stringent standards of Airbnb cleaning, and this means that they’ll provide a quality cleaning without skimping on service. The software system they use allows you to schedule your cleaners in advance.

The Breezeway operations dashboard makes managing multiple jobs easy and allows managers to see their work schedule in real time. It also allows users to filter schedules by property type and customized tags. This makes it easier for the managers to keep track of their employees’ progress and keep owners happy.


It’s important to offer clean accommodations for your Airbnb guests. If your cleaning standards are not up to par, your guests will likely let you know. Having a cleaning checklist in place can help you focus on offering a great guest experience instead of dealing with potential customer complaints. Here are a few ways to make your Airbnb property spotless and make it easy for guests to rent from you.

Start by connecting with a cleaning professional through the Airbnb marketplace. These services connect you with certified cleaners who can come and clean your property. After you’ve set your preferences, you can hire a cleaner who will visit at the time you request. Make sure to communicate any special requests with your cleaner. Airbnb hosts who fail to follow the cleaning guidelines may be subject to a warning, suspension, or account removal. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a thorough cleaning checklist to ensure that your Airbnb stays in great condition.

The first step in cleaning your Airbnb is to remove visible dirt and grime. It’s also important to remove dirt and germs. This way, you’ll protect your guests’ health and safety.


If you want to make Airbnb cleaning a simple task, Hostfully can help you. It is a web application that provides tips for your guests. The application includes a guidebook for each property, which your guests can access from any device. In addition to tips and tricks for the area, it provides a handy map tab for orientating guests in the neighborhood.

Its automation tools help you assign cleaning tasks to cleaning contractors. It’s a cheaper way to outsource your cleaning needs. Depending on your requirements, the platform can be integrated with third-party apps. It helps you monitor your rental’s cleanliness and revenue.

Hostfully also lets you create a turnover calendar so you can see when your cleaners are coming and when. It’s useful if you want to use different cleaning crews for different areas. In addition, it allows you to communicate with your cleaners from anywhere in the world.

Hostfully integrates with Google Places to automatically pull information from your Google Business listing. It also allows you to add your own custom description for your listing. You can also turn off sponsored recommendations with a Power Host subscription. Lastly, it gives you the ability to customize your digital welcome book. You can even attach it to your home screen.


MaidThis is a professional cleaning service that offers top-rate turnover cleaning. The company has a fully automated cleaning system and currently serves Greater Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Orange County. The MaidThis system syncs with your calendar to automatically schedule cleanings. As such, the entire process is highly automated, from scheduling to the actual cleaning.

Airbnb hosts need to clean their vacation rental units after every guest to maintain a high rating. Most of them hire a professional cleaning service, but it can be difficult to figure out how many days between bookings to ensure a thorough clean. MaidThis recommends a gap of at least one day between bookings.

The MaidThis app connects owners with cleaners who provide reliable cleaning services for Airbnb properties. The cleaners can provide real-time pictures to owners, report any damages or problems, and connect with listing sites for automatic cleaning scheduling. MaidThis is a California-based cleaning service that matches vacation owners with trustworthy cleaners. MaidThis has a dedicated section for Airbnb cleaning, allowing owners to quickly find an Airbnb cleaner who meets their standards. MaidThis cleaners are experienced in cleaning rental homes and are certified to complete inspections.