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Why I Dream Clean Has The Best Short Term Rental Cleaning Service

If you’re renting an apartment or condo and don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning, a short-term rental cleaning service might be the perfect solution for you. These companies employ professional crews that follow a checklist to make sure that no detail is overlooked. They also follow strict OSHA standards and use non-toxic cleaning formulas and techniques.

I Dream Clean uses all-natural formulas

The I Dream Clean team is a locally owned company based in North Las Vegas, Nevada. They specialize in residential and commercial cleaning services. They use eco-friendly formulas and the latest equipment to deliver a top-notch clean. They also employ IICRC certified cleaning crews that are trained to clean a variety of surfaces and appliances.

The company is committed to eco-friendly cleaning, and they use All-Natural Formulas in their work. Employees are screened and trained and follow strict OSHA guidelines to ensure a safe cleaning experience. I Dream Clean covers all of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas.

I Dream Clean is a locally owned, EPA-certified cleaning company. Their technicians are highly trained and experienced in every aspect of the cleaning process. Whether it’s short-term rental cleaning or a regular house cleaning, I Dream Clean will get the job done right. Their technicians are also environmentally friendly, and they use eco-friendly formulas to get the job done.

It follows strict OSHA standards

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, I Dream Clean offers comprehensive cleaning services for short-term rental properties. Their staff follows strict OSHA standards and uses non-toxic cleaning solutions. All employees are background checked and trained on eco-friendly practices. The company is a woman-owned business that offers competitive rates and excellent customer service.

The company’s IICRC-certified cleaners are skilled in the deep cleaning and maintenance of vacation rental properties. They follow a checklist to ensure that no detail is overlooked. The company also follows strict health and safety guidelines and adheres to OSHA and CDC guidelines.

These regulations are in place to protect employees from exposure to harmful chemicals and equipment. Employees are often required to use heavy equipment and to perform various tasks that can lead to injury. The work environment that the cleaning crews work in also poses potential risks. OSHA standards play a vital role in minimizing these hazards and creating a safe working environment.

All staff members complete an OSHA Hazard Communication Program and receive training on safety practices and security. They also wear PPE and change gloves between properties. In addition, social distancing is strictly followed when multiple staff members are working on a property. Additionally, all field personnel should maintain proper hand hygiene throughout the day and avoid touching their eyes and other sensitive areas.

It uses a software system to schedule and oversee all cleaning tasks

I Dream Clean is a cleaning service that specializes in short-term rental properties. They have a long list of references and a good reputation for providing top-quality service. Their staff is licensed and bonded. They also offer flexible scheduling and affordable rates.

It uses non-toxic products

When you need short-term rental cleaning services, you can trust I Dream Clean to do a thorough job that won’t harm the environment. Their team of professionals follow a checklist to make sure no detail is missed. The results are top-notch service, and you can rest easy knowing that your property is in good hands.

I Dream Clean is based in Las Vegas and provides comprehensive cleaning services to both commercial and residential properties. Their team of sanitation specialists uses all-natural cleaning solutions and environmentally friendly products to make sure you don’t have to worry about toxins in your property. All employees are screened, certified, and follow strict OSHA regulations. They cover all of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas.

They are the industry experts on sanitation practices and have access to industry-leading technologies. In addition, they are certified by Covid as a leader in green sanitation practices. They can provide referrals to trustworthy vendors within the area. They can provide a full list of non-toxic cleaning solutions and will work with you to select a solution that suits your needs and budget.